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My Journey with Photography

I thought it would be polite to introduce myself properly and write a bit about how and why I got here. I decided to dedicate a lot more time to photography out of love, no other intention and to be sincere I'm still not sure what I want to get from it. If I am at this level today, I have a lot of people to thank and I feel blessed to have met kind people along the way.

In 2012 when I bought my first prime lens (had DSLR's since 2007), I decided it was time to learn more about portraiture. I signed up for tonnes of websites and blogs, read loads of stuff but always felt a bit lost. It was too much information at the same time and I didn't know how to organize my learning path. Still, during the whole year of 2013 I shot self-portraits of me being pregnant and started editing with PSE (using cheesy actions, hall of shame!).

Then around March this year, I did something that really drew the rest of my journey learning photography. I wrote a message to a Brazilian photographer based in Sweden whom I knew only from Facebook. I told her I admired her work and asked if we could have a mentoring session. I had asked for help to other photographers who were somehow close to me and was completely ignored. But not by Maira. She told me she was ignored too when she started and she knows how it feels so she didn't want to do the same to me. With her help I was able to make a plan and organize my learning path. Without her help, it would probably have taken me a lot more to figure out things on my own. She gave me basic introductions to the most important subjects and I looked further to learn everything I could find available on those subjects and I still do so.

There's so much to learn in Photography and so many different styles. But I'm a firm believer that you have to find your style and master your craft and that's what I've been doing in the last months.

I have been shooting a lot. Sessions to people I know (and that I choose) according to what I'm learning at the moment. I shot communion photos, families, maternity sessions, wedding, portrait sessions, 'tasteful boudoir' session and I already have other sessions and weddings planned until the end of this year. That's how I'm keeping myself busy practicing my craft.

You know, it's very difficult to gather all the courage to put myself out here and to publish my work. Sometimes I think that I'm "safer" saving it to my computer and sharing it only with the people interested (those who were photographed). But hey, if I don't get it out here then I'm also missing on the chance of gaining positive feedback and some kindness.

If you happen to not be happy with the current quality of what you produce, then work harder, learn more and get out of your comfort zone. Ask for advice, for constructive feedback and give all of yourself.

Bottom line is... I'm far from being perfect but one thing I'm sure of is how much time and dedication I'm putting into this. So right now, at this moment I know I am actually doing my best.