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Belgian Wedding in Walloon Brabant

It is so lovely to look back at these images and be able to re-live this wedding day back in July 2016. Full of warmth, love, friendship, laughter and amazing food. What else does a real wedding day need?!

Shot on medium format Fuji400H and Ilford 3200 film. Developed and scanned by the cool dudes at Carmencita Film Lab. Many thanks to Anna Doshina for 2nd shooting.

Chateau de La Rocq Wedding

The Chateau de La Rocq wedding of D&F took place in Belgium last May. It was two full days filled with love, laughter, delicious food, good music and sunshine (a lot of sunshine!!!). Bellow you can see a few frames of the second day.

gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0002 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0001 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0004 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0005 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0006 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0007 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0008 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0009 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0014 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0013 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0015 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0016 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0012 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0017 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0018 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0019 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0020 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0021 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0010 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0011 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0022 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0023 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0024 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0025 gianelimaphotography_chateaudelarocq_wedding_0026

Next, I'm shooting a destination wedding in French Riviera Chateau. Can't wait!!! Bookings for 2017 are already coming in. I'll be in Tuscany, Provence, Paris and again, the French Riviera. Looking forward to new destinations on my list. If you are getting married (anywhere!) and would like me to document your day, get in touch soon!!!

The amazing team behind it: Planning & Styling: Hooray Events, Venue & Buffet: Chateau de La Rocq, MUA: Hair & Make Up Kathleen Declercq, DJ: Hits & Tits. Developed & Scanned by Carmencita Film Lab.