Pedra Grande Atibaia, Brazil

The Pedra Grande, in the city of Atibaia, countryside of São Paulo State is a must see if you ever happen to be in the Capital. Just less than 70 km from São Paulo, this 1450 meters high rock offers an amazing view to the valley and getting up there (not easy!) is so worth the effort.

Quick moving clouds almost on top of our heads were challenging regarding the exposure but I like how it really reflects the reality of the location. While it can be bright & sunny, it can also go dark & cloudy within a minute.

I was over the moon for Gabi & Felipe letting me choose the location for this shoot and we had such a great morning up there.gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0001gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0002 gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0003 gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0004 gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0005 gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0006 gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0007 gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0008 gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0009 gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0010 gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0011 gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0012 gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0013 gianelimaphotography_gabifelipe_atibaia_0014

I'm again planning my next stay in Brazil (from November to January) and booking sessions. If you'd like to have you and your loved one documented by me, just drop me a line here.