Mom & Child - Family photography in Oost-Vlaanderen

It is such a pleasure to share this family session with you today. Shot in Deurle a few weeks ago. This was a hybrid session (shot both with digital & analogue cameras) but today I'm only sharing the film images since this is something so close to my heart!

gianelimaphotography_deurlefamilysession_0001 gianelimaphotography_deurlefamilysession_0002 gianelimaphotography_deurlefamilysession_0003 gianelimaphotography_deurlefamilysession_0004 gianelimaphotography_deurlefamilysession_0005 gianelimaphotography_deurlefamilysession_0006 gianelimaphotography_deurlefamilysession_0007 gianelimaphotography_deurlefamilysession_0008