Marleen on film

The thing about analogue photography is that waiting to see photos you took a few weeks ago is something quite exciting. You never know what you gonna get and it's always nice to positively surprised. We had something like ten minutes for these photos after a studio session done in Aalst, Belgium. It was cold, starting to rain so we had to be quick. The model is Marleen Verschroeven and it was such a pleasure to work with her for this shoot.

gianelimaphotography_marleenonfilm_0008 gianelimaphotography_marleenonfilm_0004 gianelimaphotography_marleenonfilm_0007 gianelimaphotography_marleenonfilm_0003 gianelimaphotography_marleenonfilm_0006 gianelimaphotography_marleenonfilm_0002 gianelimaphotography_marleenonfilm_0009 gianelimaphotography_marleenonfilm_0005 gianelimaphotography_marleenonfilm_0001

Shot with a Pentax 67 loaded with Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak Trix 400. D&S by Mein Film Lab in Germany.