Film Snapshots in Brazil

I have been in Brazil since the beginning of November visiting my family and here I'm taking the time to shoot some 35mm film.

The main reason is how easy it is to get it back from the lab and just sort it out and store in my hard-drives. The last long trip was in May and I still haven't edited the digital photos taken during those days, a problem I won't have this time.

I am shooting mainly with an oldie Pentax k1000 and sometimes with an Canon EOS 3. Weird as it may sound, I prefer the Pentax over the Canon. The images are a LOT sharper and the bokeh is lovely.

If I can only give you one advice when shooting film is that you should always send your film to a pro lab otherwise you won't really see the magic in it. And if it's too cheap to be true, then it is probably not worth it. Unless all you want is to be able to browser through your photos to choose a few to print. I made this mistake of falling into the temptation of trying a cheap lab here in Brazil and I regret it deeply.

So below are a few snapshots of my time in Brazil up to now, a mix of cameras and film (Kodak Portra 160 & 400, Ektar 100 and Ultramax 400) scanned very poorly but that's all I have for now.

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