Fall in London

Fall is always my favorite season and I believe it's because in Brazil we never see the changes each season brings so clear as we see here in Europe. To see all the leaves falling and the pretty colors is fascinating for me, still, even after 10 years.

As life as a photographer slows down until Spring, I decided to take this time to shoot a lot of personal work I had in mind for quite a while. Time to shut off the noise and search within myself what really brings me joy.  And what better way than documenting my favorite things during Fall & Winter?

For a tiny taste of what's to come... you'll find bellow a few frames from a morning walk I had at the Kensington & Chelsea neighborhood in London during my last visit to the city. Cheers!gianelimaphotography_london01blog gianelimaphotography_london02blog gianelimaphotography_london03blog gianelimaphotography_london04blog gianelimaphotography_london05blog