Black & White Film Photography | Workshop PT I

During the second weekend of October I attended a super cool workshop in Antwerp about Film Photography. More specifically about developing black and white film. The more serious I became about photography, the more I leaned towards film photography and still do so. There's nothing more 'PHOTOGRAPHY' (yes, uppercase!) than exposing a roll of film, that's the naked truth. Add to that, developing it yourself :)

I believe that knowing the whole process will help me become a better shooter, whether I'll develop it myself or send it to the lab, I still know how its done and this can provide me a more custom final image.

The workshop was organized by the Film Foundation group in Belgium and taught by theĀ Carmencita Film Lab.

I did a experiment, exposing a roll of kodak bw400cn to develop it in black and white and I'm actually surprised how it turned out 'not bad' :) Bellow you can see a few shots of the first roll I helped develop. Scanned by the lab in Spain.

35mm_bw400cn-000021 35mm_bw400cn-000022 35mm_bw400cn-000027 35mm_bw400cn-000028 35mm_bw400cn-000029 35mm_bw400cn-000034 35mm_bw400cn-000037 35mm_bw400cn-000040